The return of the 'Mercabarna Innova' awards

April 2016

A new feature of the second edition of these awards is the creation of a category focused on the development of green products.

Mercabarna is organising these awards again in order to continue giving recognition to the innovations of the companies within the complex. Companies that are interested in participating in this initiative may submit their projects from 2 May until 31 August.

The 'Mercabarna Innova' awards have two categories. The first, with a first prize of 6,000 euros and a second of 4,000 euros, recognises innovation in the creation of new products, formats, packaging and food safety. In this same discipline, projects related to new business models, mobility, sustainability and innovation in customer services will be accepted.

This year the awards incorporate a new second category focusing on the development of green products, the winner will receive a prize of 6,000 euros.

A prestigious panel of judges  

In this second edition, the judges from the first 'Mercabarna Innova' awards make a return; all of them are renowned professionals and experts in the food industry. The panel members are Enric Ezquerra, Chairman of the Catalan Association of Distributors and Supermarkets; Jaume Llopis, Professor at the IESE Business School; Josep Maria Monfort, Director of Research and Technology, Food and Agriculture (IRTA); Lourdes Reig, Vice-rector of International Relations at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia; and Toni Valls, Director General of Alimentaria Exhibitions.

When assessing the participating projects, the judges will take into account criteria such as originality, sustainability and the extent of implementation in the market.