"El Informativo de Mercabarna" Magazine


For 30 years Mercabarna has been publishing "El Informativo de Mercabarna", a free quarterly publication that contains the most important news about the Food Unit. Download the latest edition of the magazine (in Catalan).

July 2017

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"Mercabarna actualidad" Newsletter

Monthly digital bulletin that Mercabarna sends by e-mail to its users and to any other people, companies or organisations in the agro-food industry who request it. Download the latest newsletter (in Spanish)

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Mercabarna Report

Report 2016

Annual publication produced by Mercabarna which reflects the financial results and the most noteworthy initiatives that have taken place during the year. Download the latest report (in Spanish).

Report 2016 Mercabarna report web

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Statistics books

Statistics books

Statistics yearbooks which collect the main marketing data from the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market and the Central Fish Market. Download the latest statistics book for the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market (in Catalan).

Fruit and Vegetable Fish

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