Frequently Asked Questions

Can members of the public shop at Mercabarna?

No. Mercabarna is a wholesale centre targeted solely and exclusively at professionals. Purchasing is allowed by companies dedicated to retail sales, distribution or catering and those providing services in the sectors for fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat, poultry and game, flowers, plants and accessories.

The products are sold in wholesale formats and are therefore not suitable for individual buyers.

Do you need a special card to be able to shop at the markets?

No. The only thing the companies at Mercabarna will ask you for is a document certifying that you have a food establishment or a business involving catering, decoration (if you want to buy flowers and plants), etc. or that you need the product for professional use.

Can a professional from the HORECO (hotels, restaurants and collectives) sector shop at Mercabarna?

Yes. Restaurateurs and companies in the food industry that serve the end customer can shop directly at Mercabarna. In fact, at Mercabarna there are companies that specialise in providing fresh produce for the catering sector, in the format and presentation you need (pre-prepared and pre-cooked, customised packaging, etc.).

Are there companies at Mercabarna that can deliver products to my establishment?

Yes. There are companies at Mercabarna that offer a delivery service.

Can I see a list of all the companies at Mercabarna?

You can obtain lists of the companies at Mercabarna in the Company search section of this website.

Do I have to pay to park inside the precinct?

No. At Mercabarna there are free parking spaces in the streets around the precinct. However, there are two pay-to-use car parks available where you can park for a certain time or rent a space. More information about park in Mercabarna.

Is entry to Mercabarna free?

No. Entry to Mercabarna is controlled and a charge has to be paid to gain access. This system ensures that only the people who come to carry out their professional commercial activity can enter the precinct and helps maintain the security and control of vehicles entering the grounds. More information about entering Mercabarna.

Can I obtain marketing and price information about the Markets?

Yes. Mercabarna provides sales and price figures for the different products in the Product statistics section.

Can I visit Mercabarna?

At Mercabarna we organise different types of visits aimed exclusively at professional groups in the agro-food industry, catering schools and students of courses related to the food industry. More information about visits to Mercabarna.