Mercabarna markets itself as the Food Hub of the Mediterranean in two sector trade fairs

Specialist trade fairs are a good opportunity for Mercabarna to share with a professional audience its plan to become the Food Hub of the Mediterranean. This is why Mercabarna took part in two international sector trade fairs held during the months of May and June: Medfel and the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL).

The first was Medfel, a trade fair specialising in fruit and vegetables held from 13 to 15 May in Perpignan (France). In this fair, visited by more than 5,000 professionals from the sector, Mercabarna took advantage of the opportunity to network with purchasers and distributors of fruit and vegetables from France and North Africa who were interested in buying the products of the companies at the food site.

Strengthening the logistics area
The other trade fair that Mercabarna attended was the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL), held from 3 to 5 June in Barcelona. Mercabarna took part as an exhibitor, sharing space with four logistics companies from the site (TAE Transportes, Grupo Olano, BG Logistics and Logístico Pabellón G).

The ideas was to demonstrate to those visiting the trade fair the potential of the Food Unit as a logistics centre specialising in fresh food. This message was also reinforced through talks that the Managing Director of Mercabarna, Josep Tejedo, and the Director of Strategy and Marketing, Pablo Vilanova, gave in two forums taking place during the trade fair, the 12th Mediterranean Logistics and Transport Forum and the SIL Import&Export Agriculture food Conference, respectively.