Social Responsibility

Social responsibility Mercabarna

Social Responsibility is a business commitment for Mercabarna. For this reason, social, environmental and economic policies are integrated into the operation of the company.

Mercabarna’s alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

sustainable development goals

Download the Mercabarna Sustainability Report 2019 (in Spanish)

Our values, aligned with the vision of what we want to be, mark the steps we have to take to achieve our goal of sustainable growth. There are four pillars that are part of Mercabarna's DNA and that materialize in actions aimed at our main interest groups.

  • Promotion of healthy eating habits ​
Promoción de la alimentación saludable entre niños y nuiñas

Campaigns for children: Mercabarna and the Wholesaler Guilds of the food complex organise educational campaigns (5 a day, Grow up with fish and Flowers and plants every day). More than 12,000 boys and girls participate every year in these initiatives.  

Summer camp: During the months of July and August, the summer camp "Refresh with 5 a day" is organized, which is aimed at children at risk of social exclusion. In the last edition, almost 500 children participated.

  • Competitiveness and work placement
Servicios de formación de Mercabarna y fomento de la inserción laboral

Mercabarna grants: This is a financial aid programme launched by Mercabarna in 2014 to encourage companies to take on the unemployed who have taken any of the courses given by the Mercabarna Training Services and also new graduates. 

Express trainings: They are short courses of butchery and fishmongering that serve as the first contact for future students who want to complete the full training in Mercabarna. 

  • Fight against food waste
Lucha contra el despilfarro de alimentos de Mercabarna

Collaboration with the Food BankSince 2002 Mercabarna has provided this entity with a warehouse, which serves as a centre for the collection, sorting and distribution of the food donated altruistically by the wholesale companies.   

Agreement against food waste: Mercabarna and its associated businesses are committed to reducing the amount of waste from excess food in order to handle food more efficiently and make the supply chain more sustainable and responsible.

  • Charity collaborations 
Colaboración de Mercabarna con proyectos solidarios

Mercabarna is a socially responsible company and therefore collaborates with different organisations and events that have a charitable purpose in different arees: vulnerable children, good eating habits and medical research, inclusion and equal opportunities.