Mercabarna in figures

90 hectares
Surface area of Mercabarna

4,5 hectares
Surface area of Mercabarna-flor

Over 700
Number of companies

  • Central Fruit and Vegetable Market: 159
  • Central Fish Market: 69
  • Slaughterhouse: 12
  • Mercabarna-flor: 44
  • Multipurpose Pavilion: 10
  • ZAC: Around 400

Number of daily visitors

Vehicles that access it every day

Workers in the companies onsite

Financial figures for the company Mercados de Abastecimientos de Barcelona, ​​SA

  • €26 million
  • €4.3 million
    Profit before tax

Trading volume of the Markets, ZAC companies and sacrifices in the Slaughterhouse

  • Central Fruit and Vegetable Market: 1,062,000 tonnes
  • Central Fish Market: 73,000 tonnes
  • Slaughterhouse: 22,000 tonnes
  • Mercabarna-flor: 10,754,000 units
  • ZAC: Around 800,000 tonnes

Export volume

The companies export approximately 35% of the total produce that is moved each year by Mercabarna.

Import volume

The companies import approximately 38% of the total sold at Mercabarna.


30,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste collected per year. 72% of this waste is recycled. 

17 professionals in the team of vets and support staff at the Barcelona Public Health Agency at Mercabarna which ensures food safety within the precinct.

A professional surveillance team made up of 60 people and more than 200 cameras provide security for Mercabarna 24 hours a day.

Mercabarna has the greatest concentration of cold-storage facilities in Spain, with 800,000 m3 of conventional and frozen industrial refrigerated warehouses.

Mercabarna companies donate around 1 milion kg of fresh produce to the Food Bank each year.

Around 12,000 schoolchildren participate in the children's campaigns organised by Mercabarna and the Wholesalers' Association each year: "5 A Day", "Grow Up With Fish" and "Flowers and Plants Every Day".

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