Mercabarna, the Wholesalers’ Business Association and businesses in the fish sector to participate once again in the Seafood Barcelona Trade Fair

The Seafood Barcelona Trade Fair will be held once again on 22-24 October at the Gran Vía de la Fira congress centre in Barcelona, following a first edition which surpassed all expectations in terms of numbers of visitors. This year’s goal is to continue to establish the event as an important place for professionals in the fish and seafood sector in southern Europe and the Maghreb to meet and do business.

Mercabarna, the Fish Wholesalers’ Business Association (GMP) and 10 companies in the fish sector at the market will take part in the fair. Some will participate in the space reserved for Catalonia - Prodeca, while others will take part individually, but all under the slogan "Fish from Mercabarna”.

Mercabarna, the GMP and Frimercat will share a stand that will primarily serve to promote the market as a major fish distribution centre with an international dimension. Furthermore, this space will also be an information point for the Mercabarna companies attending the fair, which will be enhanced by the publication of a catalogue of Mercabarna exhibitors at Seafood Barcelona.

In addition, during the trade fair, Mercabarna management will host a trade mission of Polish and Chinese importers and receive visits from other potential foreign clients to promote exports by businesses at the market.

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