International Delegations Visit the Food Unit

Mercabarna continues to be a benchmark centre for numerous international delegations interested in knowing how a wholesale food estate is run and managed. Proof of this was the various professional visitors from across the world whom the Food Unit managers met with in May.
One particularly noteworthy visit was by the heads of the St Petersburg Government and General Agency for Fisheries (Russia), who were accompanied by Mercasa representatives. This delegation wanted to learn about the Mercabarna model as they are studying the possibility of building a Food Unit in their city.
The heads of the two wholesale markets of Bangkok (Thailand) also visited Mercabarna. The Thai markets are privately managed and their CEOs were interested in seeing our Food Unit’s different infrastructures with a view to modernising their facilities.
Finally, the chair of the Italian Food Distributors Federation FIDA and various regional representatives also wanted to learn more about Mercabarna’s experience as a fresh-produce distribution centre.