Mercabarna Promotes its Education Campaigns for Schoolchildren

Around 70 firms and organisations affiliated with the Board took part in the event, held on 2 July at Cosmocaixa, which aimed to show around 450 representatives of Catalan schools the wide variety of children’s activities scheduled for the upcoming school year.
As part of the event, Mercabarna presented the “5-a-Day” campaign it runs in conjunction with the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers’ Business Association (AGEM), "Grow With Fish", organised by the Fish Wholesalers’ Business Association (GMP) with the collaboration of Mercabarna, and "Flowers and Plants Every Day", which Mercabarna runs together with the Mercabarna-flor Wholesale Business Association (AEM) and Rosa Valls-formación. The campaigns involved the participation of 11,713 school children this year.
Mercabarna also seized the opportunity to promote the visits it runs for secondary school students, where they learn the workings of the fresh-produce wholesale business. 2,744 high school students took part in these visits in the 2011-2012 school year.