Joan Llonch Re-elected Chair of ASSOCOME

On 22 May, businessman Joan Llonch was unanimously re-elected chair of the Mercabarna Concessionaires’ Association (ASSOCOME) for the fourth consecutive term. Casimiro Llorens, chair of the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers’ Association, Leandre Serra, chair of the Fish Wholesalers’ Association, and Antonio Manzano, manager of Frimercat, were also re-elected to their vice-chair posts. Miguel López, from Moray Fish, makes his debut as Association secretary.

The members of the new board are Celestino Canadés (Pescados Videla), Pere Sitjar (Cultivar), Carles Martí (Fruits CMR), Enric Capafons (Cía. Gral. Carnia), Núria Gustems (Pepito Torné), Francesc Casamitjana (Casamitjana y Torrent), Lorenzo Carrasco (Central Dica), David Rovira (Bargosa), Diego Martínez (Diego Martínez e hijos), Luis Fernández (Hnos. Fernández López), Jordi Cubells (Maresmar), Josep Capdevila (Capdevila Daico), Jaime Blanqué (Frimercat), Josep Maria Bigordà (Carns B) and Daniel Ferrer (Hotel Alfa).