International Visits as Part of Alimentaria

Throughout March, numerous agrofood institutions and professionals from around the world made the most of being in Barcelona for the Alimentaria fair to visit Mercabarna and learn first-hand about its management model and the way it operates.

The visitors included a delegation of Colombian businesspeople and representatives of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture; managers from the wholesale market of Bologna, Italy; the managing director of the Central Market of Thessaloniki, Greece; a group of food magazine writers from Switzerland and Germany, and business delegations from Bolivia and Peru. Of note was the visit by the managers of the Central Markets of Verona and Padua, Italy to learn more about the way Mercabarna implemented the change of opening hours at the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market and the development of the Complementary Activities Zones. The Italian delegation also included a large group of fruit and vegetable wholesale traders, who took advantage of the visit to hold sales meetings with different Mercabarna business owners.