Mercachef: New e-Commerce Platform for the Wholesale Sector

The national wholesale market company Mercasa came to Mercabarna on 19 January to present a pioneering initiative to boost sector sales. The initiative is Mercachef, an e-commerce platform for the companies in the 23 wholesale markets in Spain. Wholesale companies that register for the platform can use it to sell their products to restaurant-sector professionals and retail traders.

Around 60 businesspeople attended the presentation of this virtual market that can arrange the sale of fresh foods, send orders in a single delivery and organise payments, all on the same website.

According to Mercasa Communications Manager Ángel Juste, Mercachef “aims to become a complement to traditional wholesale market activity”, affording businesses a sales point open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “It will give them a tool to expand with new customers who for different reasons do not purchase in wholesale markets and also a chance to offer new services to their regular customers,” he said.
The goal is for the platform to be rolled out progressively in all the municipal wholesale markets over the next two years. A pilot scheme is already up and running in Mercamadrid and Mercamálaga.

Service guarantees
The platform not only has the guarantee of being promoted by a company of the standing of Mercasa but is also managed by two businesses with expertise in e-commerce. BBVA is in charge of managing the website’s payment system. SEUR Frío will look after distribution, drawing on a specialist fleet to transport products that require a controlled temperature from pick-up through to delivery.
The Mercachef website will also have the seal of Confianza Online, guaranteeing its credibility and transparency.

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