Mercabarna Telecommunications Network Expands to Mercapalma

Mercapalma will become the first municipal wholesale market in Spain to implement the same telecommunications model as Mercabarna. This means that businesses at the Balearic food estate will form part of the closed user group of the Mercabarna telecommunications network (operated by Orange) and enjoy the same rates, provisions and advantages on mobile- and landline-telephone and Internet services (cost reductions, advanced telecommunications services, fewer breakdowns, etc.).

In exchange, Mercapalma must make an important investment in telecommunications infrastructures on its grounds and implement a model in line with the standards defined by Mercabarna.
To seal the deal, Mercabarna and Mercapalma signed a collaboration agreement on 3 February which has the support of Mercasa and the Mercabarna Telecommunications Committee (which integrates the Food Unit wholesale business associations).

The agreement also anticipates the future incorporation of other municipal wholesale markets.