Award for promoting the Mediterranean diet to the public

December 2017

The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) recognized Mercabarna's efforts in promoting the health benefits of consuming fresh food. 

Within the framework of the 11th edition of Mediaweek BCN in late November, ASCAME highlighted Mercabarna's work to promote the consumption of fresh foods as an essential part of the Mediterranean diet. It did so at this gathering where professionals and international experts-including Mercabarna's general director, Josep Tejedo-discussed economic tendencies and collaboration among countries in the Mediterranean arc.

50 years of commitment to healthy food

This award is a recognition of the initiatives Mercabarna has developed over its fifty years of history to promote healthy eating habits among citizens. ASCAME took into account the initiatives in this area aimed at consumers that were promoted by the Unitat Alimentària (Food Unit), together with the alliances of wholesalers. On the one hand are the children's campaigns "5 al dia" (5 a day) and "Creix amb el Peix" (Grow with Fish), which promote the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood among school children and, by extension, their families. On the other, there are the campaigns promoting seasonal Mediterranean products organized regularly by the wholesaler's groups of our market.

A 2017 full of acknowledgements

In addition to this award, in 2017 Mercabarna received the ICT business excellence award given by the GrausTIC association, which recognizes the leadership of the Food Unit in installing telecommunications infrastructures and promoting information technologies in our space. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona recognized Mercabarna's contributions on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.