The Summer Campus for Children with Limited Resources is Open

July 2017

This summer, Mercabarna is holding the "Cool Off with 5-a-Day" campus, a charitable initiative addressed at vulnerable and at-risk children who come from summer camps and social action organisations in Barcelona and its province. The activity, which is supported by the AGEM, is subsidised by Mercabarna, who, apart from organising the workshops, is also responsible for the transport costs and breakfast and lunch for the participants.

Throughout July and August, it is expected that more than 400 children will visit the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, where they will discover the huge variety of fruit and vegetable produce that is sold in the Food Unit. What's more, the children will be able to see how good they are at recognising fruits and vegetables, demonstrate their cooking skills and be made aware of the impact of food waste and the importance of recycling in schools and homes.

The campus came into being after a pilot test carried out by Mercabarna in July 2016, in which 162 children at risk of social exclusion participated.

The participants will make a blind tasting
The workshop of fruit skewers, one of the successes of the activity