Registration for the 3rd Mercabarna Race now Open

July 2017

On Sunday 8th October, Mercabarna will once again be the setting for the great celebration of sport and healthy eating in Barcelona. The 3rd Mercabarna race will be following on the success of its first two editions with a 5K and 10K race that winds through streets of the precinct itself, including the Central Fish Market and parts of the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market. There will also be plenty of activities on hand for the whole family, plus a large fund-raising meal will be organised to end the day.  

More Importance for Wholesale Market Companies

As is only natural, the celebration of the 50th anniversary will resound throughout the sporting event. In fact, the company with the most workers enrolled in the race will win a special prize and there will be plenty of other anniversary-related activities. What's more, just as in the last edition, employees of the Mercabarna companies will be able to run the 5K in four-person teams, either mixed or all-men or all-women. This way the Mercabarna Race reaffirms itself as the number-one event for all those forming part of the great Mercabarna family.

A Day of Solidarity

The charitable cause behind the 3rd Mercabarna Race will be the Arrels Foundation, an organisation that has been devoted to the attention of homeless people in Barcelona for the past 30 years. The funds raised from the charity meal and the voluntary contribution of those enrolling in the race will be used for projects providing basic services such as food, housing or medical attention. 

Watch the video of the 2nd Mercabarna Race