Mercabarna-flower welcomes spring with a festival

April 2017

More than 350 florists took part in this professional congress, where floral displays based on the themes of Spring, St. George's Day, Mother's Day and the world of weddings were presented.

On Sunday, March 26, Mercabarna-flower and the Market wholesalers (Wholesaler Business Association) held the Spring Festival, in which the latest trends were presented; inspired by the most floral season of the year and at a time when some of the most important commercial campaigns in the sector take place. 

New ideas with two exceptional teachers

The morning began with a master class focused on the wedding season, where the duo formed by renowned floral artists Eduard Maynegra and Juan Chamorro put various techniques and finishes into practice to give a different touch to bridal bouquets.

On the other hand, St. George was the star of the second session, in which the teachers demonstrated some creative options to update the traditional gift of roses of this special day with an innovative, but also commercial touch. The success of these workshops was reflected in the participation of more than sixty florists, who welcomed the new format as it encouraged the attendees' active participation.

The artists Maynegra and Chamorro were also responsible for the fantastic demonstration of the day, which attracted an audience of almost 200 people. This first class performance presented Saint George's day roses made with unusual and attractive accessories, floral arrangements with seasonal plants for Mother's Day, and bridal wedding bouquets to suit all tastes. 

The first class performance presented Saint George's day roses
Eduard Maynegra, one of the artists of the day
Juan Chamorro, was also another floral artist