Fresh products will be key in the launching of e-commerce

July 2016

Mercabarna's Observatory of Trends presented its second study on online food commerce. The meeting, which took place on the 27th April at the Food Fair, brought together around one hundred professionals.

A tsunami of opportunities. This was the expression used by the author of the study, Ricard Madurell, to define the potential of e-commerce to sell food.  It's the second time that Mercabarna's Observatory for Trends has studied the implications of Internet sales, a business model that is growing exponentially and strongly.

Although data on online trade as a whole is positive, the food sector is still at a very early stage. In fact, currently 2.2% of the volume of sales made over the Internet are for food products. However, all the statistics indicate that fresh products will be key to boosting e-commerce in food, and companies are in time to join this trend.

Experiences of five companies in digital commerce

The session was completed with a round table of professionals who also sell their products over the Internet - as is the case of Alfonso Jimenez, President of Cascajares, and Nuria Gustems, Manager of Gran Blau -or who are online trading platforms like Javier Barcelona, who is responsible for Condisline; David Campoy, Commercial Director of Ulabox, and Gemma Sorigué, CEO of Deliberry-. 

Some figures from the study

  • The expected turnover for Spain in 2016 is 25,600 million euros
  • 48% of Spaniards shop online once a month
  • Consumers spend €70 on average shopping on the Internet
  • 13% of online food buyers buy fresh produce  
The presentation of the study took place during the Alimentaria
The round table with e-commerce professionals