New project to combat food waste

November 2015

Mercabarna has commissioned a study from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Plataforma Aprovechamos los Alimentos (Let's Make Use of Food Platform, PAA) to establish the volume of food waste produced from the activity in the precinct and to suggest areas of work to reduce this to the minimum.

The purpose of this study is to identify the volume of food waste produced by the activity of all the companies operating in Mercabarna (producers, wholesalers and purchasers) in order to estimate its scale, analyse its causes and explore the views of all the parties involved. The final purpose is to propose specific actions in order to reduce this waste and improve the operational management of organic waste.

"This project shows our desire to keep looking for solutions that help us in the fight against food waste. The actions resulting from it will be added to those that we have been carrying out for many years, such as working with the Food Bank" explained Josep Tejedo, managing director of Mercabarna.

This task, which is expected to be completed toward the end of the year, involves the Environmental Office at the UAB, the specialist social consultancy Spora and the PAA.

Mercabarna has been working with the Food Bank for many years