Incorporating workers into practice training

In addition to theory, the courses include a 40-hour practical training period (approximately one month) in sector businesses. This is a fine opportunity not only for the students, who can apply the knowledge they have acquired in a ‘real’ setting, but also the firms that decide to incorporate them. As the Training Area’s Maite Palat explains: “The system not only allows businesses to find trained workers, but also gives them the entire training period in which to judge the trainees’ aptitudes and decide whether or not to hire them.”

Practice training to begin in November
The Area offers four occupational training courses in the following fields: cured and cooked meats, butchery, fishmongery and floristry. With this training, students can work both in the trade sector and in firms specializing in food handling and packaging. The 60 students currently taking the courses will commence their practice period as early as November. Businesses interested in taking on trainees for practice work should contact the Training Area by calling 935563456 or e-mailing