Highest-rising product: the sardine

2nd September 2008

Although stable throughout 2007 (€1.50 to €2.00/kg), in August this year the sardine soared to close to €4/kg. Such a sharp rise is directly linked with the steady decline in the marketing of this species. Sardine tonnage has dropped 20% just 5 years.

Different prices, depending on place of origin
34% of the sardines sold at the Fish Market come from the coast of Catalonia. The rest are from France (the main supplier of sardines to the Market so far this year, with 44%), Galicia (10%) and other places of origin (12%). Scant Market presence makes the ‘Catalan’ sardine one of the products most ‘in demand’ by purchasers and thus explains its higher price. In contrast, those from France and Galicia are available at more reasonable prices.