Future underground stop for Mercabarna

26th November 2007

The structure of the Mercabarna underground station on the future Line 9 is now built, opposite the precinct’s Access K and next to the Central Flower Market. On 15 October, Mercabarna management reviewed the progress made on the project, accompanied by officials from the company in charge of building the station.
Soon the tunnelling machine, now at the Airport station, will continue on towards the Logistics Park and reach Mercabarna. Construction will then get under way on the station’s interior (installation of tracks, platforms, lifts and so on). 

Line 9, scheduled to go into operation in 2012, is expected to significantly impact the way people travel to Mercabarna, since it is estimated that a sizable number of the employees now arriving by bus or in their own cars will catch the train. In the coming months, construction will also begin on the station on the same line which will be a mere 500 metres from Mercabarna-flor and service its users and employees.