Mercabarna: subject of a photography exhibition

10th September 2008

The display presents photographer Gemma Miralda’s ‘reading’ of Última Oda a Barcelona (Last Ode to Barcelona), a book of poems by Lluís Calvo and Jordi Valls.

The book and exhibition offer a tour of different spots in the city and its environs which, for different reasons, remain ‘unknown’ to the vast majority of local residents. These include the Fondo district (in Santa Paloma), the waterfront district of Poblenou, the Modelo prison, Montjuïc and Mercabarna.

Through 12 photographs, Gemma Miralda endeavours to capture the essence of the activity which takes place in Mercabarna: the different sectors operating there, their products, and the continuous bustle of this little city that never sleeps.

The exhibition is hosted by the Ignasi Iglésias Library, in Calle Segre 24-32 in Barcelona and will remain open until 14 October.