Mercabarna: international point of reference

12th August 2008

The aim in making this visit was to gain direct insight into the projects carried out with regard to the refurbishment of Mercabarna’s Central Fruit and Vegetable Market. The executive of the Milan centre is studying the possibility of updating the facilities of its own fruit and vegetable market.

The visit took place as part of the collaboration agreement signed last year between Mercabarna and SO.GE.MI, by which Mercabarna advises the Milan market on the execution of different projects.

Visit from the Dominican Republic
Mario Hidalgo, governor of Vega in the Dominican Republic, accompanied by a delegation from this province and by Guillermo Angeles, chair of the Professional Dominicans’ Association, visited Mercabarna on 23 July. The group of dignitaries wanted to discover how the Food Unit operates, since the Dominican government intends to build a wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Vega.