Mercabarna and Al-pi opt for the new technologies

19th september 2007

On 19 September, Mercabarna’s telecommunications operator Al-Pi Telecomunicaciones, held a day-long session for presenting new telecommunications solutions to help Alimentary Unit companies.
Drawing 100 people, the event addressed the applications and advantages offered by IP telephony –sound, data and image transmission via the same network. This is a system that, through Al-Pi, Mercabarna is installing throughout the precinct and which replaces analogical telephony. Both Lluís Alberich, Mercabarna’s industrial and services director, and Andreu Vilamitjana, Al-Pi’s executive commercial and marketing director, hailed “Mercabarna’s ongoing pledge to improve its telecommunications”, an attitude that “ranks it as Europe’s leading wholesale market in terms of technological facilities”.
In the same vein, the engineer Agustí Argelich focused on how IP telephony can boost companies, as it enables all their terminals to perform as if they were in the same physical space, facilitating communications and reducing telephone costs.

New computer applications

Highlighting the technological infrastructures that Mercabarna makes available to its companies (IP telephony and the Wi-Fi connection network), Lluís Pernas, from the Avaya Group, Àlex Ortega, from the Camaleon Group, and Josep Ramon Puig-Martí, from E-Nodus, demonstrated some computer applications that make it possible to plan and manage a product’s commercialisation process, from receiving the order to issuing the invoice, or which facilitate mobility and corporate communication.

Also at the event, Panasonic presented its range of high-resistance computer products. Unquestionably, the new laptop computers capable of withstanding falls, water and extreme temperatures (between 60ºC and –20ºC) created the greatest stir.