Mercabarna Supports AECOC Campaign Against Food Waste

Mercabarna has joined the collaboration project against food waste run by the AECOC association of mass market retailers and which already has the support of over 150 companies representing all of the links in the agrofood chain. Under the slogan “There Is No Waste in Food: Make the Most of It”, the project was established to put a curb on the 89 million tonnes of food which, according to the European Commission, is thrown away every year in Europe. To do so, the aim is to work on reducing the volume of food waste and optimise surplus produce as much as possible, promoting donation and the reutilisation of these foods.
In this way, Mercabarna once again demonstrates its commitment to initiatives that combat food waste, and which is shown particularly in its 10-plus year collaboration, along with wholesale firms on the estate, with the Food Bank.