Jordi Serentill:"To innovate you must have a very clear goal in mind and stick with it"

Interview with Jordi Serentill, assistant manager at Laumont

Laumont is a firm that specialises in marketing mushrooms and truffles from all over the world. It has offices in Mercabarna and Mercamadrid.

Q- How much importance do you place on innovation?
A- For us, innovating is the same thing as improving. And we believe that the improvement process in a company must be continuous. In fact, innovating is essential for any company that wants to survive and consolidate.

Q- How do you address innovation processes?
A- We analyse the market to identify segments with growth potential. Then we seek new business opportunities within that segment. Once we have detected an opportunity we study the ways to make the most of it.

Q- That seems a straightforward process...
A- Innovating isn’t hard. The process is well-structured at Laumont, but that doesn’t mean we’re not afraid of making a mistake, because behind every innovation project is an investment. This fear propels you to think everything over carefully and that stops you from getting it wrong more often.

Q- Yes, I understand you haven’t always got it right...
A- It’s often hard to get it right the first time. But when you have a very clear goal in mind you need to stick with it. At Laumont we spent five years endeavouring to get ISO 22000 certification for truffles. We are also continuing to make headway with a project to sell trays of mushrooms to the major distribution channel, and we have acquired machinery to promote the production of dehydrated, ready-cut mushrooms.

Q- What tips do you have for a company that wants to start out in innovation?
A- To innovate you must have a strategic plan as the framework, because the road ahead will be long and it’s easy to lose your way. In this regard, the first step to innovation is to determine where you want to go. I would also recommend that if a company cannot innovate alone, it should cooperate with other firms to make the most of an opportunity.