Campaign to Promote Fish Consumption

The National Association of Wholesale Market Fishmongers (ANMAPE), of which Mercabarna’s Fish Wholesalers’ Business Association (GMP) is a member, and the Spanish Fishing Confederation (Cepesca) will once again implement the “Enjoy Eating Fish” campaign to promote the consumption of fish and seafood across Spain.

The activities scheduled for the campaign were presented in Madrid on 8 September at a press conference attended by Mercasa chair Ignacio Cruz Roche, the GMP chair and vice-chair of ANMAPE, Leandre Serra, and Mercabarna managing director Montserrat Gil de Bernabé.

A number of promotional events are scheduled to take place in Spain’s municipal markets, including Sants Market in Barcelona, as part of the campaign. The 3rd “Golden Fish Hook” competition for fish and seafood recipes open to amateur cooks, students and professional chefs, will be held. The campaign will also cover the work done by Mercabarna’s Interactive Fish Centre (CIP) to promote the benefits of consuming fish products.