The working groups of the Association Food Cluster initiatives are beginning to define the future

Innovation Group
Was attended by companies affiliated Association Group Cano, marshes, General Meat Company, and Sergifruit Exquisitarium, and representatives of Mercabarna, 22 @, IRTA, BZ il'ANTA Platform (Association for the use of New Technologies in Food away from home) and came three initiatives. The first one summer to visit al'IRTA in Monells (Girona), to see the technologies in processing and developing products that are made available to companies.

Also in summer, the ANTA gives a talk to explain to businesses the benefits of technology operations and T, used to draw funds for V ranges.

Finally, IRTA will offer companies the chance to try a high pressure machine being built on the platform BZ, eliminating microorganisms without affecting the organoleptic qualities of foods. The Association will support companies to manage requests for assistance to these tests.

Group logistics
Participants at the meeting Azanova, BG Logistics, marshes, Group Cano, and 22 @ Sergifruit prepared a model form that is given to firms of the Association to meet its logistics operation and detect possible points of collaboration between them.

With food safety
Attendees, Barrufet, Videla, marshes, Sa2pe, Sergifruit, Growing, Cano and Silliker Group, agreed to a conference in July about how to manage a food crisis. In addition, it was decided that the Education Department for the Association of Mercabarna organize training courses for further certification and labeling issues.