Positive Results from the First Months of “Grow up with Fish”

The “Grow up with Fish” campaign, promoted by the Fish and Seafood Wholesalers’ Association (GMP) with Mercabarna’s collaboration, has proven very popular with schools in its first months of operation. Since the education campaign began in October 2010, a total of 1,401 eight-to-12-year-olds from around 25 schools in Barcelona province have taken part. Most of the schools gave the campaign a big thumbs-up, both in terms of the content taught and the facilities visited, as well as the teaching materials and the food offered to the students.
The fact that there are practically no visiting days still available before June shows just how popular the initiative has been. The campaign website (www.centreinteractiudelpeix.org) has also received over 2,000 visits from people seeking information on the campaign itself or the teaching material provided before and after visits.

Learning More about Fish
“Grow up with Fish” is an educational project to promote fish consumption among children. The visit to Mercabarna starts at the Interactive Fish Centre (CIP), where the children learn about the journey a fish takes from the sea to the table, and its health-giving properties.
They then visit the Central Fish Market and a market business, fish farm or fish-handling firm at Mercabarna. Finally the visitors take part in a lunch where they can sample different types of fish.