“Barcelona Fresh” Taskforces Underway

“Barcelona Fresh”, the initiative that aims to boost fish sector competitiveness, promoted by the Economic Promotion Area at Barcelona City Council via 22@Barcelona with the support of Mercabarna, is making good progress.
The first step in the campaign was to identify new fish consumption and purchasing trends and then define the areas with room for improvement so as to enable businesses to provide enhanced customer service. Now two taskforces have been created to address these areas of improvement: one will focus on traceability issues and the other on fishery produce handling and packaging.
The taskforces, formed with Mercabarna businesses, will help improve business operations through particular actions based on collaborative projects. They will be advised by members of the Spanish Association of Commercial Codification (AECOC) and the Institute of Agriculture and Food Research and Technology/Centre for New Food Technologies and Processes (IRTA-CENTA).
The traceability taskforce will work on satisfying customer requirements, particularly with regard to major distribution chains, and traceability information, with actions that will make it possible to expand on and improve the information that Mercabarna businesses receive from their suppliers. The second taskforce will consider ways to improve efficiency in handling and packaging processes.
The taskforces will hold their second meetings in the next few weeks.