Mercabarna’s Increased Media Profile

Mercabarna is becoming increasingly better known to the public. To a large extent this is because the work it does and the events it has hosted in the market have been picked up on by the media more and more in recent years – a trend that was clearer than ever in 2010, when mentions in the press were up 54.5% on 2009.
Last year’s busy schedule, including the signing of agreements with the Institute for Agro-Food Research and Technology (IRTA), the ESADE business school, the market’s participation in the Alimentaria trade fair, the opening of the Interactive Fish Centre and the floral sector demonstrations, among other events, were published in 589 stories in different newspapers, including El Periódico, La Vanguardia, Avui and El País, as well as in specialist food-sector magazines. The appearances in 303 newspaper stories accounted for a 42% rise, while growth in magazine appearances came in at around 70% (286 articles). The broadcast media were also interested in news generated by Mercabarna, with over 60 market-related stories appearing on television and more than 50 on radio programmes.

Interest from the film industry
Mercabarna’s broader media profile also sparked curiosity among the film and advertising industries, with the market providing a good backdrop for filming ads and movie scenes.