International Delegations Interested in Mercabarna

Representatives of the city halls of Medellín and Envigado in Colombia visited Mercabarna on 8 July, accompanied by members of the Institute for Municipal Markets and Barcelona City Council.

The delegation was visiting Barcelona to learn about the municipal markets network, as they are currently engaged in a project to revamp their own markets, an initiative which Barcelona Markets are advising them on. Maximising their stay in the city, they also visited Mercabarna, as they were interested in seeing the operation and facilities of the food estate where market retailers purchase their supplies.

In late May, with the same goal and also under the auspices of Barcelona Markets, Mercabarna received Lisbon, Portugal’s city councillor for markets, who sought information on the management and infrastructures of the Food Unit. Finally on 23 June, the heads of a private logistics company from the Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan visited Mercabarna in order to become familiar with the operation of the central markets and the development of the Food Activities Area, as they intend to build a food estate in their own country.