Mushroom Identification Course

In July a total of 25 students from 20 fruit and vegetable companies in Mercabarna took a course on mushroom identification, organised by the Training Area and the Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers’ Guild of Barcelona and Province (AGEM). The course is a mandatory requirement for all mushroom marketers, to prevent the sale of non-authorised species pursuant to Regulation RD 30/2009.

Over four sessions, experts from the Catalan Mycology Society taught students how to analyse the different parts of the mushrooms, to distinguish among the species and preservation techniques, and the general requirements for marketing mushrooms. They also addressed such topics as traceability, labelling, nutritional value and the toxicity of the different mushrooms.

The course will be offered once again on 7, 8, 14 and 15 September from 3.00 to 6.00 pm.
More information is available by calling the Training Area (93 556 34 56) and AGEM (93 556 20 00).

Mushroom exhibition
Parallel to this course an exhibition on mushrooms by the photographer Toni Moreno will be open to the public until mid-September. Organised by the Catalan Mycology Society, it is on display in the foyer of the first floor of Pavilion G of the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market.