Study to Detect New Business Opportunities in the Fish Sector

Barcelona City Council’s Economic Promotion Department, through the private municipal company 22@Barcelona, has set up an initiative known as “Barcelona Fresh” with the aim of reinforcing competitiveness in one of the city’s strategic sectors, that of fresh foods. The goal is to pinpoint future challenges and the business opportunities available to all agents involved in the value chain.

The first sector under study is that of fish and seafood. For this reason, on 30 June a meeting was held to present the project to sector representatives. Some 30 people attended the gathering, including wholesalers and representatives of the retail, production and fisheries sectors. The aim of the meeting was to gain firsthand information on sector needs and strategies and to ascertain which of them can draw government support for development. In the ensuing discussion, attendees made a number of proposals for possible joint actions in the field of logistics and traceability.