Mercabarna opens up to the people, with a 20 Km virtual tour

September 2018

From now on, even though you may not be an agri-food sector professional, you can still visit Mercabarna through a virtual tour which can be viewed via Google Maps.

This means virtual visitors will be able enter the Central Fruit and Vegetable and Fish Markets, the Mercabarna Flower Market, the Commercial Zone, with all the services of a big city, and its streets, with the constant flow of lorries and a host of delivery vehicles.

Mercabarna, Europe's first wholesale market with a virtual tour

Mercabarna is the first wholesale market in Europe to offer a virtual tour. To create the tour, a 20 km area of the wholesale food market was photographed (composed of 4,700 - 360º shots). The tour can be viewed via Google Maps, or on Mercabarna's website:

This project forms part of Mercabarna's aim to raise awareness of its existence among the citizens.

Mercabarna, the main hub of the Catalan agri-food sector

Mercabarna is a 'food city', and a hive of activity 24 hours a day, with a very specific purpose: to guarantee the supply of fresh food to the citizens of Catalonia. Within its 90 hectares (around the size of 90 football pitches), there are 700 wholesale companies, specialising in the production, trade and supply of fresh food products, as well as an Abattoir. The trading companies are located within the Central Fruit and Vegetable, Fish and Shellfish and Flower and Plant Markets, and the rest surround them.

23,000 agri-food sector workers pass through this city every day. This includes the 7,500 staff working for Mercabarna's wholesale companies, as well those who come to purchase food supplies, which can later be found in town markets, retail stores, small and medium-sized supermarkets and restaurants. Mercabarna is one of Europe's leading wholesale markets and is the main hub of the Catalan and Spanish agri-food sector. This immense market feeds over 10 million consumers, selling 2 million tonnes of fresh food products every year.