Mercabarna establishes its Summer University

June 2018

From 2 to 6 July, the first edition of Mercabarna's Summer University will deal with sustainability and the agrifood chain.

In 2018, Mercabarna will be taking an important step towards promoting synergy between the academic and business world with its Summer University. This initiative, which is designed to become a referential annual event in the agrifood sector, will focus this year on analysing how we can build a more sustainable agrifood chain with more respect for the environment.

This educational opportunity, entirely funded by Mercabarna and organized in collaboration with AECOC (the Spanish Association of Wholesale Businesses) and the Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering-UPC, is aimed at fourth-year university students (from technical engineering, environmental sciences, biology, chemistry and economics) as well as master's students. It is also open to professionals and technicians from agrifood businesses.

High-level training

The 2018 Summer University will address issues related to our legislative framework and European policies, technical innovation applied to processes, products and services, efficient management of the supply chain, food security and online reputation. Classes will be given by university professors, researchers and active professionals, and activities will combine theory with a more practical and participative dimension that will promote cooperation in the transfer of knowledge and networking. 

Mercabarna's Summer University