Mercabarna takes part in a study to improve traffic circulation in the Llobregat axis

24th April 2008

The Llobregat corridor is the highest-density goods traffic axis in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region. Some 100,000 lorries currently travel along this highway network (from Abrera to the Port), where the principal logistics nodes are concentrated: the Port, Airport, and Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) and numerous industrial estates.

In order to free up this axis, particularly in the area near the Llobregat River Delta (where certain infrastructures are being expanded), the Spanish Ministry of Public Works plans to take a number of measures.
One of these is the construction of a new trunk road, for heavy vehicles only, which will run parallel to the Llobregat River and connect the Port directly with the A2 motorway (by Cornellá).

To analyse the effectiveness of this measure in particular and the area’s transport situation in general, several area institutions, including Mercabarna, have taken part in a study drawn up by the Barcelona Regional agency.

The study proposes certain modifications in the design of this new route, such as adding an entry and exit from the Zona Franca and permitting the circulation of private vehicles, a step that would mean an increase in potential users. It also recommends that the road be covered at the Mercabarna bridge in order to reduce the noise level caused by passing lorries around the precinct.

Connection with the AP-7
The authors of the study also propose examining the possibility of expanding the stretch of this trunk road to connect it with the AP-7 motorway (at El Papiol), a measure which in their view would be truly effective for unblocking the area.