Discounts on Samsung products for Mercabarna users

1st october 2007

Mercabarna and Samsung – through its authorised distributor Mkatel – have reached an agreement that will enable Alimentary Unit users to purchase appliances and electronic products at a 20-30% discount.
For example, you can save up to 40 euros on a 4GB MP4 multimedia player or buy a “Combi” refrigerator at €250 off the current price.
Without a doubt, one of the brand’s leading products is the 32-inch LCD television set which costs €899 but which Mercabarna users can acquire at a saving of 160 euros.

To take advantage of this offer, go to the website By typing in the user name (Mercabarna) and the password (Mercabarna) you can access the catalogue of products on sale. Product purchases are made either on the website or by calling 902 027 937 and payment is made when you collect the item at Samsung’s Pick-Up Centre in Barcelona.