Mercabarna and Companies from the Precinct in ‘La salud al cistell’ on TV3

Since mid-May, Mercabarna has once again been sponsoring ‘La salud al cistell’ (Health in the Shopping Basket), an informative programme on the Catalan channel TV3. The objective of this series, which is also sponsored by the Catalan government's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action and Markets of Barcelona, is to stress the healthy values of fresh products and show how production sectors and the agrofood trade work. Mercabarna had previously collaborated in 20 episodes of the first and second season of this programme, and will now do so in 10 of the third, which started in February and will conclude in July.

Just as in the last series, the programme gets underway with the purchase of products at a municipal market by a well-known personality who, in each instance, has ties with the neighbourhood where the market is located. Afterwards, using these products and with the help of a nutritionist, he or she will draw up several nutritious healthy menus.

To discuss the characteristics of some of these products in greater depth, each programme will include a report in which two companies from Mercabarna are interviewed. They explain the variety, source of origin, seasons, and the like of the fresh foodstuff in question.

‘La salut al cistell’ is broadcast on Saturdays from 1pm to 1.45pm and the programmes can be viewed online at: