Mercabarna business owners celebrate Jordi Maymó’s achievements as managing director

29th March 2008

Over 300 business owners from Mercabarna’s different activity sectors attended a testimonial dinner in honour of Jordi Maymó, former managing director of Mercabarna.

It was held at the Casa Llotja de Mar of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona on 29 March. The guests represented the many businesses and institutions Mr Maymó had dealings with during his two-decade tenure as head of the company.

Through this event the Mercabarna Concessionaires Association (ASSOCOME) sought to acknowledge Maymó’s fine performance at the helm of Mercabarna over the past 21 years.
In the course of the tribute, Joan Llonch, president of ASSOCOME, highlighted Jordi Maymó’s many achievements, emphasising his professionalism, his work capacity and, above all, his flexible attitude – open to dialogue at all times – with the Food Unit business owners.

Jordi Maymó himself focused on dialogue as a key element of his management, stressing the need to listen to business owners as the principle experts of each sector, and to work together with them to address the important matters related to running Mercabarna.