Work Begins on the New Warehouses at the Former Flower Market

The first job was to knock down the provisional Flower Market structure and the original columns that supported the old market roof. The next will be to work on the project scheduled for the space, which involves the construction of the Multiservice III building, a new eight-warehouse bay for new businesses that covers an area of 700 m2 x 1,000 m2, and the urbanisation of two areas on either side of the building for new food and logistics sector businesses.
The works are scheduled to take around 14 months to complete and have reduced the number of parking spaces available in the area. So while the work is under way Mercabarna management has set a special price of 25 euros per vehicle per month for users who wish to park in the aboveground car park in front of the works.
The works may also lead to occasional restrictions on vehicle traffic in calle Longitudinal 10.