Presentation about success strategies in Food Service

Work is currently being done on the conclusions from the second phase, which drew on interviews and research trips to study the three sub-clusters identified in the preliminary phase (the foodservice channel, specialist retail chains and wholesale distributors) with the goal of identifying the best strategic options in each.
Around 30 Mercabarna business owners were presented on 17 February with the study on businesses opportunities for the foodservice channel. As well as explaining how the hospitality sector is evolving, the study noted a number of areas that could be worked on (expanding ranges, producing customised products, selling solutions, optimizing logistics, etc) for supplier businesses to be able to decide on possible future actions.
The study can be consulted on the Mercabarna website intranet.

Upcoming Activities
The study on the wholesale distributors sub-cluster will be presented in April (fish and fruit-and-vegetables). The final phase of the Plan will then kick off with the creation of taskforces for each sub-cluster where the businesses will define detailed actions. The taskforces will later divide into interest groups for each action to work on specific projects.