New Biological Purifier Begins Functioning

Mercabarna’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (EDAR) is equipped with a new facility for purifying the wastewater from activity at the Slaughterhouse and Central Fish Market - a biological purifier which further enhances the process of eliminating waste from water.

With a 180m3 capacity, this facility receives the water that has previously been treated by the existing physiochemical purifier. Here, microorganisms eliminate the pollutants present in the water and expel them as nitrogen. Once this process concludes, the purified water is discharged into the sewage system.

After months of testing, this facility began to function on a regular basis in January and currently purifies 30% of wastewater. In a second phase, scheduled for this year, two new tanks will be set up to enable it to work with 100% of the water flow.

A groundbreaking facility
Mercabarna’s biological purifier is a groundbreaking facility with regard to other purifiers of its type. This is because the application of a cutting-edge technological process has succeeded in reducing its size (to ensure their proper operation, purifiers are generally very large) without diminishing its effectiveness.