8 November: original ideas for tackling the recession

On Sunday 8 November, the Mercabarna-flor flower market hosted this year's Mercademostraciones, an event for professionals in the flower sector that has been organised by Mercabarna and the Association of Wholesale Dealers (AEM) for the past 26 years.
The slogan for the event was "Tackle the present creatively,” and this year it included practical ideas based on originality and innovation (in both products and services) to help florists increase their sales. The floral ideas for the coming Christmas campaign and the 2010 season were also presented.

Thousands of ideas at competitive prices
Throughout the morning, the eleven leading schools of Spanish floral art produced various floral works at very economical budgets (from €5 to over €25), showing that creativity is by no means linked to price. In the afternoon, the "New Talents" demonstration took place, in which each floral art school supported a young florist presenting his or her work for this Christmas campaign and for the next season.

Christmas trees were also decorated throughout the day, so that florists were able to consider new ideas to pass on to their clients or decorate their stores. And for the younger guests, various children’s activities were organised during the day.