Analysis of vegetable growing and commercialisation

On 27 March, Joaquim Ros, Mercabarna’s director of Markets and Promotion, participated in the sessions “Vegetable Horticulture: The Technical Bases of Growing Vegetables”, organised by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in Madrid. Before a group of some 50 representatives of cooperatives, university centres and business owners of the sector, Mr Ros delivered a paper on the role played by the central wholesale markets in commercialising vegetables, pointing out the recent success the four ranges of these products have been having.

Meanwhile, Pablo Vilanova, head of Studies and Development of Mercabarna, gave a speech at the Ateneo Barcelonès institution as part of the programme, “Dialogue Between the Two Mediterranean Shores: North Africa and Catalonia”, organised by the Catalan Regional Sciences Association. Under the title "Production and Commercialisation of Agro-food Products", Mr Vilanova discussed the presence of fruit and vegetable produce from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria in Mercabarna and on the Catalan market in general.