Mercabarna Brings Its Experience to Agrofood Professional Training

This agreement also includes the collaboration between Mercabarna and Barcelona's Hospitality and Tourism School, a body that provides most of the training programmes in the range of food, hotel and tourism industries. The event was also attended by Joan Lluís Espinós, Deputy Manager of Professional Training Planning and Organisation; Ferran Castrillo, Head of Support Services to Initial Professional Training Centre Management; and José Antonio Martín, Director of the Hospitality and Tourism School.

Exchanging experiences, facilities and teaching staff
This agreement seeks to take advantage of Mercabarna's experience in the field of agrofood training, in order to improve PT modules in the Food Industry branch. This collaboration will be reciprocal, as Mercabarna will also be able to complement its training offers based on the knowledge of these two institutions.
The agreement also makes provisions for the transfer of facilities, materials and equipment – and even teaching staff – between organisations when giving the courses. In this respect, the exchange of teachers will be encouraged and developed, and Mercabarna will collaborate in the permanent training of teachers from the professional family of Food Industries.
Plans are also in place to ensure the courses being offered are also made known amongst the students of the three institutions.

Aid for job placement
In order to help facilitate access to the employment market for students who are taking a PT course, the agreement establishes that Mercabarna will provide contact between market companies and these students so that they can benefit from work experience onsite, thus providing support for job market placement. Similarly, the Ministry of Education and the Hospitality and Tourism School will make any offers of candidates from their employment exchange available to Mercabarna so that market companies can find qualified staff.