Train with Mercabarna

This document will include courses that are being carried out by the Training Area, the Fruit and Vegetable and Fish Associations and Assocome, as well as training in cooperation with universities such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).
In addition to receiving the leaflet, companies will also be informed about loans available for staff training.

Approximately 40 courses on offer
Mercabarna users will be presented with a broad offer of training schemes, ranging from courses on food safety (hygiene, product manipulation, etc.) to risk prevention (forklift-driving, first aid, etc.), computing and languages. Additionally, and coinciding with the current economic situation, a decision has been made to consolidate all training related to management skills and economic-financial management.

These courses are aimed at the management and middle management of companies who wish to acquire knowledge of accounting, payment management or tools to negotiate or lead staff, along with other topics.
This quarter, an innovative course will be given on the wholesale sale of perishable products, designed jointly by the AGEM (Association of Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Dealers) and Mercabarna.