New Ice Storage Facilities at the Market

Located to the side of the Market's printer's, this refrigeration chamber has a 125-m3 capacity and can store up to 1,800 sacks of ice.

Pedestrian zone
In order to facilitate the mobility of people passing along the C/ Transversal 2, a pedestrian zone has been created in the raised bay located at the end of the Market. A safety barrier has been installed and a yellow line painted to indicate the limits where pedestrians can pass. This means that, apart from improving the safety of those who move around this area, the traffic in this street will be decongested. Up to now, many vehicles would double park beside this bay to load ice sacks from the Mercaserveis factory, causing problems in the flow of traffic. Loading in this zone is now prohibited and a specific space has been set aside for this operation in Calle Longitudinal 6, also at the end of the market.