Architectural Websites Set Sights on Mercabarna-flor

One of the leading websites is the portal of the The Architectural Review, an English magazine with more than one hundred years of history that each month includes the most architecturally emblematic buildings from around the world. At you can find an extensive technical description of Mercabarna-flor, with the accent firmly placed on its unique roof that crowns the building and on the different activity zones making up the Market.
Apart from plenty of information, there are also images of the Market that can be seen on an Italian website for architecture and design professionals at Here there is a full catalogue of photos of the building.
Looking further round the net, there are also different architectural and design blogs with information on Mercabarna-flor, such as Dezeen, design magazin, (;, the online design guide; and If you write Mercabarna-flor in the search engine of each one you will find extensive technical information and photos of the Market.
A different view, however, is offered to us on the blog, which highlights the architecture of the Market from the viewpoint of sustainability and energy efficiency.